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How M Burger became “Your Neighborhood Burger Joint”.

Find Your Neighborhood Burger Joint

“Sometimes you want to go, where everybody knows you name”. When you hear that line, you think of the famous bar called Cheers. Norm walks in and everyone inside greets him with enthusiasm, “Norm”! The picture that is being painted is of a neighborhood hangout. Everyone wants to be a guest at restaurant where you walk in, are welcomed by your friends and automatically given your regular order.

M Burger strives to be your neighborhood burger joint. Seven years ago, M Burger opened a small store on Huron street. This concept was a new adventure for Lettuce Entertain You. The idea was simple; we want to be your local spot, your “go-to” your favorite place to grab a quick, delicious meal. Shortly after opening, we found ourselves learning the names, faces and favorite menu items of many Northwestern Hospital employees. These individuals chose us to spend their lunch break with us and, I have to believe, it is because we gave them the individual care that they give their patients. One of our regulars, Nurse Betty, even has a sandwich named after her.

M Burger’s mission statement is simple; Creating memories, one handmade burger at a time. The hope is that every guest, no matter if they are a regular or first time diner, feels as if they are walking into their neighborhood burger joint every time they step inside one of our stores.

-Emma S. M Burger Staff Trainer