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Pickles? We’ve got Pickles – Puckered Pickles!

Puckered Pickle Co. See The Menu

Salty, sweet, thin and delicious…Yup, you guessed it – We are describing the mouthwatering Puckered pickles that are on our burgers! Puckered Pickle Co. has been owned and operated for more than three decades. Their mission is simple: use the best quality ingredients and that makes the best product. The Puckered pickle comes right from M Burger’s hometown, Chicago. IL. M Burger takes pride in supporting local businesses who provide delicious product.

M Burger’s head Chef, Tim Hockett chose the Puckered pickle because of its freshness, sweet and salty flavor and its size. The pickle is sliced thin and has the perfect width that allows you to get a taste in every bit with your burger. Puckered pickles makes more pickles with products including relishes and fine condiments like peppers, giardiniera and muffalata. All of their products are kosher and gluten free. Come in to M Burger and try one of these delicious pickles on your favorite burger!