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The Martin’s Potato Bun

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All our sandwiches are made fresh, topped with homemade ingredients and placed on a Martin’s Potato Bun. This potato bun is so much more than your average burger bun. Martin’s Potato Bun is a privately-owned company that has been in operation since the 1950’s. Their story starts in Pennsylvania in the kitchen of Lois and Lloyd Martin.

The Martin’s loved baking their potato rolls for their family. In 1955, the couple moved their operation to the garage which they converted into a bakery. Now 60 some years late this company has grown from local corner stores to major grocery stores and restaurants. The Martin’s recipe however has remained the same all these years.

M Burger chose this bun because of its sweet, buttery taste and soft texture. The bun is so flavorful and compliments our homemade M Sauce and juicy patty. So, next time you bite into your favorite M Burger sandwich; think about Lois and Lloyd Martin’s love that went into inventing the potato roll recipe.